Thursday, February 19, 2004

George W. Bush's military history is becoming more and more problematic. The repeated inquiries of of the Press (which have become rather aggressive in their White House briefings, better late than never), as well as the continuing public statements of former Gaurd officers (senior officers and other pilots who would have served with Bush), as well as Bush's obfuscations (if not flat out lies) in his Meet The Press interview, have begun to cloud an issue that could (and should) have been handled in 2000. The political directors in the White House have started dropping things, and they are making a lot bigger sound than they used to.
The Boston Post as well as the Associated Press have been keeping up with the story very well. The Globe published a story today that states the President's missed physical is a much more serious issue that it has been made out to be. Missing the flight physical is tantamount to violating your oath of service.

David Niebert over at Ornicus has been doing a good job covering this story.

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