Sunday, April 04, 2004

The Washington Post is reporting today that other sources have backed up Clarke's basic criticisms. The paper cites sources who were present at the 2002 hearing that the White House has argued contradicts Clarke's March 24th appearance.

The classified hearing in 2002 has been the one stick they could swing at Clarke, and it turns out to be a pretty small stick. The administration, and their attack dog Frist, have backed off heated comments teasing the press with ideas of perjury. The perjury attack was a last ditch attempt.

When they couldn't threaten former Treasury Secretary O'Neill to keep quiet, they threatened to investigate the records he provided to Suskind, who wrote a book about O'Neill's criticisms. Recently, they tossed around threats of investigating Clarke for perjury.

When the going gets rough, the White House goes legal. Well, they try until they realize that no one is buying it and that the charges could barely stick. The administration has passed Nixonian levels and is on its way down.

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