Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Kwame Kilpatrick just left the podium after delivering a rousing speech that ended with a number of the delegates chanting, "Kwame, kwame!" as he left the stage. I have been half listening to some of the speeches on C-SPAN, but Kwame's caught my attention.
Kwame is the Mayor of Detroit, a city that offers an immense challenge to any who would choose to try and govern it. While I don't really know anything about Kwame, his speech left me wondering why I don't know anything about him. If he isn't already a rising star in the party, he should be.

On another note, a voice came over the Fleet Center loudspeakers informing people on the best way to evacuate the building in the unlikely chance it may be necessary. I know why the announcement was made, but it was still a bit eerie. It was remeniscent of the announcement they make on an airplane before taxiing to the runway.

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