Wednesday, August 25, 2004

This past Monday Amy Sullivan, guest blogging on Kevin Drum's Political Animal blog, commented on the lack of enthusiasm which Republicans have gone after Edwards' career as a trial lawyer. It seems that the Republicans realized that many of the cases Edwards tried fell into the "good trial lawyer" area, and it would look bad for them to be attacking the man who fought for injured children.

It seems however, it seems that the friends of Bush have decided to take up the fight instead. The President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, John W. Bachmann, spoke in St. Louis Tuesday to talk about one of the pet issues of the Republican party, tort reform. At the talk he said the Chamber would help pay for ads that would attack Vice Presidential nominee Edwards.

The role of third-parties in this election is of course undergoing a great deal of scruitiny, mostly due to Republican attacks on (effective) democratic 527 organizations such as, as well as the President's questionable statement denouncing third party groups involement in advertising. The question is, of course, will the President denounce the Chamber's efforts on his part, or will he continue to make broad weightless statements that have little to do with reality?

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