Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Dave Drebes handicaps the upcoming St. Louis Mayoral Race in The St. Louis Business Journal. Drebes also runs the excellent and indispensable Arch City Chronicle. It looks like this may be shaping up into another standard South vs. North vote split. It would certainly be nice to see a mayoral candidate that people on both sides of the divide could support. Instead we get the white/black split. Even Mayor Harmon, who garnered a good deal of support from South City and the white community, was seen by the black community as a bit of a sell-out, picked by the powers that be to put a good face on things.

Perhaps one day.

Although a bit of good news, perennial Mayoral Candidate, outspoken School Board Member, and former candidate for Showtimes American Candidate, Bill Haas is out running again.

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