Tuesday, January 11, 2005

In the wake of the WIlliam's controversy, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is taking the initiative to track down other "journalists" who may be on the administration's payroll.
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and other senior House Democrats asked the General Accountability Office to examine the use of covert propaganda by departments and agencies under the Bush Administration.
The GAO has in two previous occasions cited the administration for violating the congressional prohibition on using propaganda in cases in which it created PR pieces designed to look like news segments. They are more commonly referred to as "infomercials" but instead of Ron Popeil's Solid Flavor Injector we are talking about multi-billion dollar government programs.

These are designed to mislead the public into supporting programs that do not pass critical inspection by government bodies. It is an end-around the accountability system. Given the administration's record in the area of accountability all possible review should be given to their proposals.

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