Thursday, March 17, 2005

Today legislators in the Missouri Senate are voting on the future of Medicaid. It's quite likely that the Republican controlled Senate will vote to cut Medicaid, ending the program by 2008. Senate President Pro Tem Michael Gibbons, R-Kirkwood, had this to say: "This system (Medicaid) is on the way out and a brighter day is coming."

For all those who want to thank the Senators for providing them with a bright future, I think I'll post the role call on the vote later today.

The Post-Dispatch reported in an editorial today that two Republicans have already decided to vote against cutting Medicaid, Sens. Kevin Engler of Farmington and Robert Mayer of Dexter. Perhaps by the end of the day we'll see some more of this.

Update: I can't pull up a list of who voted which way, but I encourage anyone who is interested to look up there Senator and ask them how they voted.

This vote will illustrate much more clearly a legislator's take on moral positions than any public statements of religiously inspired guidance.

- Murphy

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