Sunday, April 03, 2005

Over at the Commonspace Blog, they are reporting that former 3rd District congressional candidate Jeff Smith has been knocking on doors for School Board Candidate Jeff Keaveny. It's an interested pairing, but I must admit that after spending some time talking with Mr. Keaveny I was impressed by his background and his strong desire to cut through the clutter. A point he repeatedly made was that communication is the key in creating any future for the school system. His legal and financial background will give the board an edge in dealing with the complex financial issues. As he said he spends all day managing money for very rich people. You start losing their money, well, there will be little debate just a nice pink slip on your desk.

He doesn't seem to be someone out for glory, but a determined and thoughtful individual. He is certainly doing well for himself and his family and there is little to be gained by wading into the school board debacle unless you truly want to try and help.

If he is elected, I think he will serve admirably.

- Murphy

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