Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sqeeze play

The New York Times has a story about the Department of Education raising the bar on who can receive financial aid and at what level.

The argument is basically that better economic times are ahead and so the families can bear a greater portion of the costs of college education. The problem is that the economic forecasts tend to be more optimistic than not and actually penalizes single-parent families more than two-parent families.

NY Times' Analysis

Given the esteemed position education and increasing opportunity for more Americans has in this administration's rhetoric, it leaves one to wonder where the leadership is on this. Higher education degrees hold the place that high school diplomas once held. Forcing families to bear increasing amount of the cost saddles them with additional burdens and leaves them even more vulnerable to unexpected crisis and the rising costs of other necessities such as the nearly exponential rise in medical insurance rates.

The idea behind financial aid is to provide greater opportunity. If the economic forecast is as rosy as is being predicted, shouldn't that lead to greater income for the government as well, thus allowing them to reduce or eliminate the raise?

- Murphy

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