Wednesday, October 05, 2005

BBC heading in Gore's direction already?

In Al Gore's speech he talked about trying to to move television into a more interactive direction. Via Romenesko, it appears the BBC may already heading in that direction, though it wasn't exactly what they intended.
Richard Sambrook, director of the BBC World Service and Global News Division, told a conference the broadcaster's prominent use of video and other material contributed by ordinary citizens signaled that the BBC was evolving from being a broadcaster to a facilitator of news.

"We don't own the news any more," Sambrook said. "This is a fundamental realignment of the relationship between large media companies and the public."
In September the BBC opened up some of their archives for free use.

Even considering that the BBC is a massive, state-run media company, they have taken some progressive steps in opening up the media and ensuring a public discourse. Check out BBC's international coverage and you will see a stark difference from major U.S. media outlets.

- Murphy

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