Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Executive Brand We Have

This is one of the most important sentiments expressed about the true importance of electing responsible people to run our government.
That’s why I wish we could de-personalize elections. The American people need to understand more clearly just what a vote for Bush really represented.

A vote for Bush was also a vote for Rumsfeld running the Pentagon; it was a vote for Brownie running FEMA; it was a vote for the Federalist Society selecting our nation’s lower-court judges; it was a vote for an FDA that puts religion before science; it was a vote for David Safavian running procurement; it was a vote for Vladie Tomlinson running CPB (which runs PBS and NPR); it was a vote for oil executives writing energy policy; it was a vote for John Yoo writing torture memos; it was a vote for an EPA hostile to environmental law; it was a vote for a Department of Labor that warns Wal-Mart before an investigation; it was a vote for the Heritage Foundation staffing the CPA; and on and on.
Publius at Legal Fiction nailed it.

If more of the Democratic party and more of the anti-Bush groups focused on this rather than the variety of niche issues, there may be a chance to shift the wind.

- Murphy

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