Sunday, January 29, 2006

Justice is more than a pretty word

So many of the changes occurring under the Bush administration go not not only behind closed doors, but in obscure offices that few have heard of, let alone understand.

The administration is making enormous, unilateral changes that are cloaked in legalese and policy. Those changes affect the legal status of U.S. citizens, affect our health care, affect our jobs and how our soldiers fight. They are major changes that can easily be obscured through bureaucratic and legal language.

A lawyer can tell you they are taking your house and you won't even realize it until the Sheriff arrives to boot you.

Newsweek has an excellent story detailing the behind-the-scenes fight between the President Bush's assertion that he has absolute power in times of war, and those folks at the Justice Department who believe that the rule of law supersedes the President's wish to be king.

- Murphy

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