Friday, April 21, 2006

Policy? Or Stunt

Today's raid on IFCO Systems that netted more than 1,000 illegal workers and took several company officers off to face some serious charges seems to be a step in the right direction. Taking steps to implement immigration reform ideas like cracking down on businesses that knowingly hire illegal workers, not only is likely to be the most effective, it is also likely to be the most economic.

Practically speaking, you can't check every business; it's like taxes, some people will cheat. Yet if you demonstrate that the costs of getting caught are high enough, you can deter significant violations.

The real question now, however, is if this action was merely a show put on by the administration to show they are thinking about practical measures? It was the largest such raid in history, certain to generate lots of favorable press; but will anything follow in its wake?

Will the Republicans really take on business interests on this issue?

- Murphy

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