Monday, December 04, 2006

Amb. Bolton resigns

John_R_Bolton.pngThe Washington Post reports that President Bush accepted U.N. Ambassador John Bolton's resignation today.

Bolton's departure from the diplomatic stage is not unsurprising. Not only had the incoming Democratic majority in the Senate already begun responding to questions with, "Bolton who?", but the Republican controlled Congress in 2005 refused to certify him, resulting in Bush sides-stepping the process and making Bolton a recess appointment during the Congressional break in August of 2005.

Democrats have loudly and consistently opposed Bolton who they described the long-time critic of the United Nations as heavy-handed in his treatment of staff and colleagues, and anti-diplomatic in his dealings with agencies and governments.

President Bush renominated Bolton for ambassador in the days following the November election. It was a sign, Democrat said, that Bush's promises of bipartisanship were hollow.

Yet given the opposition on both sides of the isle, it may be one thing there actually was some agreement on.

- Murphy

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