Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Conservatives Staying In?

The National Review's Stanley Kurtz is imploring conservative voters to get over their McCain fatigue and vote, but not for McCain.

Kurtz asks:
The notion of staying home — as opposed to going out and voting for a Republican congress–is sheer madness. Given the ongoing wrangle over McCain, the race for congress has got to start coming to the fore as an issue.

There is no margin for error in 2008. Precisely because the left controls key levers of the culture, politics is the only real route to balance. America is not that far from sliding into the culture and politics of Europe, and so conservatives simply can’t afford a sweeping political loss right now.
If the torpor is so great in the Republican base, perhaps Democratic fears of an anti-Hillary vote will fail to materialize. If she takes the nomination, it is inevitable that the opposition will rise to a fever pitch, but will that be enough to motive conservatives to the polls? Will that be enough to counter the anti-Republican vote that Hillary will also benefit from?

- Murphy

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