Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kevin Drum laments the fact that Democrats seem to walk right up to the edge of explaining why Sen. John McCain has abandoned any appearance of principle or character in order to bash his way to the White House, but fail to juxtapose his current "by any means necessary" approach to what made him popular in the first place. 

Both McCain's "maverick" image and his current 24/7 pander-fest have been artifice. His current effort allowed him to squeak through the hole split by the spectacular self-immolation of the campaigns Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Gov. Mitt Romney, but at the cost of abandoning his previous, well-crafted, cantankerous "truth-teller" public persona.

The Republicans are currently dissing the DNC's convention with the line "A Mile High and an Inch Deep". Yet that back-of-the-rolling-papers commentary could effectively sum up the McCain campaign.

The McCain "campaign" exists only as long as no one looks directly at it. 

As an orchestrated effort to woo the voters, it ranks around the level of a portrait photographer's birdie gimmick.

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