Thursday, December 18, 2008

Where exactly is half-way?

In relation to the dustup over President-elect Obama's choice of Pastor Rick Warren to give the inaugural invocation, a caller on NPR asked why it's only the left that is reaching out.

Obama has made a point of talking about reaching out to those individuals who fall on the conservative end of the spectrum. His choice of Warren, his decision to keep on Secretary Gates and several of his other cabinet choices have all demonstrated a mixture of choosing individuals for their competence as well as their moderation.

The chicken littles who predicted a reign of neo-Marxists led by a muslim theocrat have certainly not had their fears borne out, something a majority of voters understood quite well.

Yet while liberals seem willing-if not eager-to try and de-escalate the conflict and attempt to open dialogue with those who disagree, there is little effort to cross the gap from the right.

Even Warren. For all his measured tones and hip "new" preacher ways, vehemently and vocally disagrees with liberals on the issues. He is not engaging the dialogue with an openness to change his views, but to try and put a less divisive face on his own.

It's the challenge of bridging the gap, you always run the risk of someone trying to pull you into the void.

- Murphy

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