Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Death of Pat Tillman

Robert Collier details the compelling and tragic story of Pat Tillman's death and his family's strugle to uncover the truth. Tillman abandoned his life as a professional athlete to become a soldier. A dramatic change in life that ultimately resulted in Tillman's death by friendly fire in Afghanistan.

The story describes an individual who surpasses the one-dimensional image of the football player and the soldier, as well as a family that is struggling to uncover why the Army attempted to cover-up the nature of Tillman's death.

The Army initially announced that Tillman's death came at the hands of the enemy as he heroically fought to save his fellow soldiers. The Army eventually came clean with the truth that Tillman was killed in combat but by friendly-fire.

Tillman was a hero to his family and a brave friend to those he served with. His death, accidental though it was, occurred while he was doing what he believed in. The Army did not need to try and cover-up the circumstances of his death or attempt to assuage what could have been negative PR. In fact their efforts, once the truth came out, had the opposite effect.

Tillman's service was by all accounts honorable and remarkable he should be remembered for that and the particular circumstances of his death should not be the focus.

- Murphy

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