Sunday, September 04, 2005

Where does the buck stop?

Josh Marshall cuts cleanly through fog of excuse-making that has embodied the administration's response to criticism for failing to adequately prepare and respond to the Katrina disaster; in New Orleans as well as the rest of the Gulf coast.
The first is the importance of keeping an eye on the big picture and that is the fact that this whole conversation we're having now is not about substance, but procedural niceties, excuses which is it is beyond shameful for an American president to invoke in such a circumstance. We don't live in the 19th century. All you really needed was a subscription to basic cable to know almost all of the relevant details (at least relevant to know what sort of assistance was needed) about what was happening late last week. The president and his advisors want to duck responsibility by claiming, in so many words, that the Louisiana authorities didn't fill out the right forms. So what they're trying to pull is something like a DMV nightmare on steroids.

- Murphy

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