Thursday, March 25, 2004

Fred Kaplan over at Slate gives the best rundown of the Clarke testimony and why he believes it's, "game, set, match."

In another note, I caught a clip on Nightline last night which had Clarke talking about the administration's attacks against him. He called them, "mean, nasty people." While it may sound harsh, the administration has come out with all guns on auto. He has been characterized as out of the loop, and a bumbling boob. This is the individual who was appointed to head up the counter-terrorism position for the administration.
No one has yet refuted his accusations, they have attacked him, his record, even held contrary attacking positions (Cheney saying he was out of the loop, Rice saying they did everything Clarke requested but it was ineffective).
No one has come out and said "he's wrong, period."
Can they? The evidence is mounting that they can't.

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