Friday, March 19, 2004

Here's a question I would like to see answered, what happened to Saddam? We have him in custody, but after a quick LexisNexis search, there has been no news about him since his capture. Shouldn't he be a fount of knowledge? I know he will be resistant, but certainly after two wars and hundreds of deaths and countless dollars, they will get some information from him, regardless of the methods. Is he sitting in a cell someplace saying he had no weapons? Is he backing Hans Blix's assertion that the weapons they had were actually destroyed?
He's an enormous resource, yet there has been silence regarding his condition or if he's been providing any information. I'm sure it would be to no one's benefit to describe the nature of the information, but certainly someone in the press corps could ask if he's been of any benefit.
We went to war to nab the guy and now he's effectively disappeared.

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