Thursday, March 11, 2004

On a subject related to the Committee on Resources highlighting a news story on Sen. Kerry, the Committee on House Administration is investigating a similar violations. According to the committee's Congressional Handbook, the minority and subcommittee websites must only be accessible through the overseeing committee. In other words, outside websites can not be linked to the minority or subcommittee websites.
The Hill's Sarah Bouchard covers the story in more depth here.

It seems the original rule passed through the Republican-controlled House raised some problems with the Democrats (obviously).

The odd side of this investigation is the basic premise; through an outside party linking to a report on a minority or subcommittee website, they are causing the house sites to violate their own rule. While it is certainly possible to lock out access, I doubt that will satisfy anyone. Certainly members of subcommittees will eventually have a problem with it.

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