Monday, July 25, 2005

Armstrong not a true Athlete?

One of the commentators on KSDK's Sports Plus said that he didn't believe that Lance Armstrong was a real athlete, just a good cyclist. He rambled on about one qualification is that you have to be able to do more than sport and that he could probably take Armstrong in a game of one-on-one.

He cited Michael Jordan as an athlete, rightly so, but qualified it by pointing out that Jordan played baseball in addition to basketball. Anyone who remembers Jordan's short-lived baseball career will realize that this gentleman simply doesn't like cyclists.

I am not a cycling fan, but anyone who spends any time watching Armstrong race will see that he is indeed a superb athlete and a world-class competitor. For seven years the best people in his chosen field have been trying to beat him and every time they get close, he finds another gear and takes off. It's like watching Albert Pujols in a clutch situation.

How this gentleman became a sports analyst is beyond me.

If anyone knows his name, please post it in the comments. I only caught the end of the show and they didn't mention the guests names at the closing.

- Murphy

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