Monday, July 25, 2005

Atheist Summer Camp

ABC News has a report on a summer camp that was set up to cater to the children of atheist, agnostic, or merely secular families.

One issue they address in the television report that isn't in the web version is the hostility directed towards those who are up-front about their lack of adherence to a faith (although atheism could be defined as a theology).

In a country in which a declaration of belief is almost a mandatory requirement to hold any elected position above the level of alderman, the exposure of the growing hostility directed towards those who don't support the intimate commingling of faith and public life is needed.

For a nation founded on a tolerance of different ideas about faith, and a nation whose major religion's dominant theme also revolves around loving your neighbor despite your differences, the growing hostility from those on the Christian right is disturbing.

- Murphy

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