Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Plame Game

Weighing in on the Plame matter doesn't seem worthwhile given the excellent coverage provided in countless other spots.

One thing needs to be reiterated over and over, however. A member of the White House staff tossed aside national security concerns (supposedly the moral basis of 21st century Republicanism) in the interest of politics.

Republicans will continue to be put forth the argument that master strategist, the boy genius, Karl Rove, didn't know about the covert status, or that he was trying to tell the truth, or that he didn't really use her name, or that Valerie Plame wasn't an undercover operative. All of these are attempts to spin the basic facts of the matter. Yet, as has been mentioned by others, they can not spin a criminal investigation.

If this were merely a political matter, the Rove machine would have steamrolled this a long time ago, but they can't steamroll a Special Prosecutor of the Department of Justice acting on a request from the CIA.

This administration has turned political calculation from an art into an obsession. Nothing is placed above the need to win.

Check out Josh Marshall for some of the most thorough coverage.

Kevin Drum over at The Washington Monthly hits the nail on the head, "Either you're outraged by such a casual attitude toward national security, or you aren't."

- Murphy

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