Sunday, February 20, 2005

Congressman Wm. Lacy Clay sent a letter to School Board President Darnetta Clinkscale regarding the widely-praised coach of Vashon's basketball team, Floyd Irons. Sen. Clay had it on good authority that Irons is being kept away from Vashon High School except to handle his coaching duties. St. Louis Argus New Editor, Antonio D. French, posted Clay's letter on the Argus' blog in which Clay says:
Coach Floyd Irons is a positive symbol of excellence and honor who is revered by thousands of our young people.  His personal leadership and strong credibility with students is vital to reestablishing a safe, calm and disciplined learning environment at Vashon.

I urge you to return Coach Irons to Vashon, with complete access, without delay.   Further, the district should publicly reaffirm its commitment to Coach Irons' continued future service as head basketball coach.  And lastly, I strongly recommend that Coach Irons be considered for the position of principal at Vashon.  He is clearly the most qualified, most honored and most respected candidate to fill that position.
Vashon's basketball team has been rated the No. 1 high school team several times under coach Irons.

- Murphy

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