Monday, February 28, 2005

The L.A. TImes has an excellent series on the fragile economic stability of today's families. The unsure nature of families' stability is a subject that needs more attention in Missouri given the efforts of Governor Blunt and his Republican allies in the legislature.

While the Republicans loved to focus on the idea of personal responsibility and the notion that those who are good will be blessed with success, the reality lies in a more concrete subject, probability. The fact is, even folks who feel secure can quickly find themselves in a tough position. The lack of savings and the high level of debt that most families carry mean that most families can be one major problem away from disaster. The majority of bankruptcies today are due to medical bills.

Financial disaster happens to the responsible and irresponsible alike. The question is, as a society shouldn't we try and help get people back on their feet rather than stepping on their hands as they try to get up?

- Murphy

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