Thursday, February 03, 2005

There have to be awards for this kind of dishonesty. Feehery has to win some sort of prize for this.
And this about Hulshof from the Post-Dispatch ...

As for Hulshof, John Feehery, a spokesman for Hastert, said there was no connection to the DeLay matter and that the speaker simply wanted fresh faces on the panel.

“It wasn’t really removing him,” said Feehery. “It was more like relieving him of his duty. The Speaker doesn’t like to have people who are such talented legislators like him have to spend so much time on ethics.”
This is coming from the Speaker who presided over the House Republican's collective knee-bend to DeLay. Anyone who stands for any sort of ethic in the Republican party will be cut down appropriately.

Not only do they cut down fellow members who are attempting to retain some form of decency in the Republican party, but they can barely cover their own lies about it.
Feehery noted that Hulshof sits on the Ways and Means Committee and “is likely to play a critical role on Social Security and tax reform.

“... Ethics is more of a burden than a privilege,” Feehery added. “And the speaker likes to mix it up,” referring to Hastert’s desire to put new members on the panel.

But Hulshof said he had specifically asked Hastert to reappoint him to the panel and noted that two other GOP members who were allowed to stay—Reps. Doc Hastings, R-Wash., and Judy Biggert, R-Ill.—have served on the committee longer than he has.

As Josh Marshall noted today, "When corruption is really entrenched, there's no attempt to hide it."

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