Friday, February 18, 2005

It looks like McCaskill is going to have some competition in 2006. Representative Jackson of St. Louis County is going to announce he is running for State Auditor.

From The Post-Dispatch:
Jackson, 62, of Wildwood, is the first Republican to enter the race against Democratic State Auditor Claire McCaskill, who plans to seek to a third four-year term.

Political party primaries are in August 2006, and the general election that November.

Jackson first was elected to the House in 2002 and was re-elected last year. He currently serves as chairman of the House Veterans Committee. Running for state auditor means he cannot seek a third House term.
Jackson told the Post that if elected he would audit the State Auditor's office to make it more efficient. He would also audit other state programs and recommend to Gov. Blunt ways to save money.

This is, of course, the job description of the State Auditor.

What Jackson plans to do that current Democratic State Auditor Claire McCaskill has not done he has yet to say, other than:
"I think I can help the government find savings by looking real hard without threatening jobs," Jackson said.

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