Monday, May 23, 2005

Good old Ike...

Over at his blog, STLStreets, local man-about-town and new taverowner Steven Fitzpatrick Smith has a good quote from the old General.

I just began to follow Smith's blog and I must say I enjoy his perspective. He's been around for awhile and seems to have a finger in countless pots. I look forward to reading future stories.

Also, I get the feeling that his new tavern, Royale Food and Spirits. is going to be a good place to catch stories about the goings on around town. The new digs will be in the former home of the Real Bar and Grill on South Kingshighway near Arsenal. Deb Peterson reported that the Food Channel is going to do a bit on the new bar, I wonder if that's a new rival to the Food Network, or just a slip?

- Murphy

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