Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Roundup of responses

Here is an incomplete list of some responses to yesterday's deal regarding the judicial nominees:

After reading some of the analysis it looks as if the Democrats did manage to do more than just establish a holding action.

I still maintain, however, that the main point is that the Republican majority is actively working to eliminate any check on its power. The apoplectic response by some on the right illustrates the true motive behind the move. They saw this as a chance to further restrict Democratic resistance to their programs. Instead several Senators, for one reason or another, bucked the pressure of the increasingly strident right and avoided signing on with the nuclear option (a term Jonah Goldberg admits was coined by a Republican, supposedly Trent Lott, though Goldberg doesn't say) a move that is guaranteed to generate some right-wing heat for them.

- Murphy

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