Thursday, May 05, 2005

Round the bend...

Image via CNN

The folks over at the National Review's blog, The Corner, would do well to take their anti-U.N. paranoia down a notch. Some of their analysis can be questionable, but when you even spin the facts of stories that you link to, you are taking it a bit far.
A U.N. employee is being questioned.
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I read the CNN story they link to, it pretty clearly states that the U.N. employee they questioned, a Dutch analyst with the U.N. weapons inspection agency, was not a suspect and was probably drunk.
The New York police and the FBI said the man was not a suspect. Police said he was detained only because he was asked not to cross a police tape and did so anyway. A police official said the man may have been drinking
Perhaps the Cornerites antenna picks up on something I don't, but I get the feeling that if an analyst from from weapons inspection agency wanted to get someone's attention with a bomb, it would be a bit more spectacular that a toy grenade filled with black powder.

I think the real story here is someone finally got fed up with the bad forecasts on the Weather Channel.
Other companies with offices in the building include … the Weather Channel.

- Murphy

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