Monday, November 08, 2004

Also, something else to keep in mind in terms of the Red state/Blue state divide, the cultural divide, et. al. Some cartographers at the University of Michigan put together a cartogram of the recent election. A cartogram is a map that is weighed to reflect some factor or other. In this case it's population.

While folks on the Bush side point to the Red swaths on the map as proof they are winning the country, when you base it on actual population you get some different results. In fact the map is pretty well balanced, as should be expected in a 51-48 election. The mandate talk should cool down a bit as this becomes more widely recognized.
What should help demonstrate this concept even better is the multi-color map near the bottom of the page. The authors decided to look at percentages of voters across the counties and create a map using red, blue and purple. The result is, "only a rather small area is taken up by true red counties, the rest being mostly shades of purple with patches of blue in the urban areas. "

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