Thursday, November 18, 2004

I think this statement from Rep John Dingell (D-MI) sums up the DeLay Bill situation very nicely (via Josh Marshall):
"These folks talk about values and decency, but then think it’s okay to change the rules once it appears one of their own may have broken them. This amounts to a work release program for the ethically challenged. We should all remember that a decade ago, Mr. DeLay helped to create this rule. Republicans said at the time they were the party of reform and good government. Now they’ve become the party of moribund hubris."

I especially like that "moribund hubris" line.

Marshall also has been doing a rundown of the Republicans who voted against this rule change. While they still support the party, they do deserve a pat on the back for not being complete cads.

Josh also does a good job of playing out the possible scenario that would develop if DeLay were indicted and convicted. If the Republican party is already willing to take this step, can letting a convicted criminal serve be far behind? This all depends on the possible indictment of course, but given this latest step, do they know something's coming down the pike?

Check it out over at Talking Points Memo.

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