Monday, November 01, 2004

Well, just a little over 14 hours till the polls open on the East Coast and the largest GOTV machine ever gets moving. I just got back from early voting at the St. Louis City Board of Elections. I am going to be driving people to the polls in the county all day tomorrow and I was concerned I wouldn't be able to get to the polls first thing in the morning (I work until 2 am tonight).

There is cautious optimism in the left-leaning circles. The polls are next to meaningless, but Josh Marshall among others is arguing that they are showing a trend towards Kerry. Several other commentators have come to the same conclusions.

Indeed Iowa, which has been frustratingly hard to call in recent months, is showing some trending towards Kerry. In fact it is showing changes in Bush supporters voting for Kerry

The reports of Republican shenanigans are continuing across the country. In West Virginia, Wisconson, Alabama, South Carolina, and Ohio.

In the polls, this race is as close as it could be. However, I have an inkling that this election will not be good news for Bush. In fact, I think the race will not be as close as people believe it will be. I base this only on my gut, from reading analysis from people far better at it than I and the fact that there is a GOTV effort like nothing this country has ever seen.

I will be out driving tomorrow. Do whatever you can to get your friends and family to the polls. For the pro-Kerry folks out there, don't be nervous, but don't back off for a second.

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