Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Over at the Bull Moose Blog, the Moose has a bit of fun with recent revelations that the political leadership of the christian right may want to re-read the parable of the rich man and the camel.
But, Pastor Moose, asks the faint-hearted to shield their eyes because this vile tale gets worse! Allegedly, Mr. Reed, that righteous paragon of purity, benefited from the proceeds of sin according to the Post,

Later, Abramoff brought in Reed, who was paid $4.2 million from 2001 to 2003 to mobilize Christians to oppose the plans of those threatening Abramoff's Indian gaming clients.

Now, that is what the Moose calls a faith based program. As Brother Elmer Gantry preached,
"...You think, uh, religion is for suckers and easy marks and molly-coddlers, eh?"
Mr. Reed would be none other than Christian Coalition wonderboy Ralph Reed. And as it turns out, one of the main players in this operation is Jack Abramoff, a former spokesman for Rep. Tom DeLay. It seems that DeLay's parters have been turning up all over the place in rather difficult situations.

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