Monday, November 08, 2004

A positive note to keep in mind. At the local level Democrats are picking up. The Dems even picked up in North Carolina.
This is coming after several years of Democrats losing ground in the state houses. Most of the Democratic loses were in the South, in states that are years away from giving Democrats any kind of hope.

Republicans now control 20 state Legislatures. Democrats have 19, and 10 are split, with Democrats holding one chamber and Republicans the other.

Before Tuesday's vote, the GOP held 21 and the Democrats 17, with 11 split. The Nebraska Legislature, which has only one chamber, is nonpartisan.

The Presidential race is always a zero-sum game. A 51-48 victory is not a mandate, and the Democrats are picking up on the ground including demographics that were once safely Republican.

The sky is not falling and its time for the Democrats to become a true opposition party and to show the voters how they are going to make things better, rather than just tell them everything is just fine.

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